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Newsletter: November 2017

President's Report: In October we had our second, and final Fair meeting before the event. There will be certain protocols in place to ensure the smooth running of the Fair. Please see Claire’s report for the Christmas Fair for all details. The Maleny State High School had their awards night on the 24th October. Priscilla and I attended the event on behalf of MACG. There were many proud parents and guests in attendance and the evening was a credit to all involved in this event. The student who won the MACG Award to the Arts was Lily Whitaker. All the students who were awarded prizes are a credit to this community. ~ Peter Leary
Christmas Fair: Wednesday 22nd till Sunday 26th November 2017 Firstly, I want to thank the very active members who represented each of the interest groups in the planning and implementation for this Fair. The following is a list of final requests and reminders before the Fair commences - 1. Hopefully all table bookings have been made with either Bev or Clair…

Newsletter: October 2017

Presidents Report: September was a busier month than August. An agreement as to the placement of kilns, which are to kept and fired in the storeroom, which is shared between the Spinners and Weavers, Porcelain Artists and Glassworkers, has been reached. I attended the first planning meeting for the Christmas Fair. I also attended the Maleny District Sports and Recreation Club’s meeting to receive information in relation to 2018 Aussie Day Expo. This is held on the main oval at the Maleny Showground, and we are planning to again participate again in this event. ~ Peter
Gallery Report: Thanks to those of you who have already removed your winter items from the gallery. Any of the remaining items not taken by the middle of October will be put in the back room for you to collect. Summer items are starting to come in now and the baby clothes are still selling well. Hopefully October will be busier than September and it will not be so hard to fill the roster. We have had a couple of volunteer…

Artist of the Month - October 2017

Artist of the Month - October

Lynn Pryor

I was fortunate as a child that I had a very talented artistic grandfather, he was gentle and patient and encouraged my very naive attempts at drawing. He ignited a passion in me that (after moving to Queensland from South Australia) led me to complete three years in Visual Communications at the Queensland College of Art. While I was an art student I freelanced drawing native animals and race horses. Horse riding was one of my passions until a certain race horse of mine, which shall remain nameless, and I parted company; he went through a fence and I went to hospital! I entered some of my wildlife pen and ink drawings in the Brookfield Show and won first prize in the drawing section for two consecutive years. 

After graduating I worked for about 12 months as a commercial artist, but the Pizza, KFC and Supercheap Auto ads just didn't thrill me! I then landed a job in the Zoology Department at The University of Queensland (UQ) as a scientific il…

Newsletter: September 2017

President's Report: This month was very quiet. The Christmas Fair is scheduled for the last weekend in November and by now most members should have received information regarding the position of a Fair Convener. I managed to speak to a couple of groups and I left this information to be imparted to group members by their conveners. After all, this fair is about the members showing off their craft skills, and enticing new members to join our organization. It is one of the main fund raisers which keeps MACG financially viable, so it’s members can enjoy the facilities to practice their craft skills. ~ Peter

Vice President's Report: I was pleased to receive an invitation to attend the 10th Anniversary Celebration of the Downs and West Community Support Organisation (DWCS). The DWCS is an organisation that support farming families in Queensland’s South West, the Darling Downs and the Burnett Regions. This support ranges from food hampers, clothing, vouches for petrol, medicine and re…

Capes 4 Kids

Empowering children with the gift of a cape... for COURAGE for LOVE & SUPPORT for WHATEVER, WHENEVER,
HOWEVER they need during illness...
Wednesday's Sewing Group has just sent off 36 capes for Capes4Kids with all supplies being donated by the members themselves. 

Capes 4 Kids Australia Inc. is designed to help children feel as safe, secure and brave as possible while undergoing challenging, often “scary” situations and treatments.

Thank you and Congratulations to the Wednesday Sewers for your awesome contribution to Capes4Kids - you have made some little patients very happy! 

More information about this charity can be found at:

Artist of the Month - September 2017

Artist of the Month - September

Carole Bond
Make sure you have a look Carole Bond's amazing array of art work on display at the workshop for September. Carole has a diverse range of work that we are sure you will find interesting.

Newsletter: August 2017

President's Report: The month of July was very quiet, the grant was finalised and the paper work sent in, a letter of acknowledgement was received. We can now move on to the next phase of the original grant which we will discuss at the August meeting. The Maleny Show Society put on a afternoon tea for all the volunteers who help out at the show, the valuable contribution of the volunteers was acknowledged, by the Show Society, a very good spread was prepared by the members of the society, and enjoyed by the members who turned up. ~Peter

Gallery Report: July was a good month for sales but we have had quite a lot of sickness amongst our volunteers. I hope you are all feeling better by now. Thanks to all the fit volunteers who filled in for those with ailments and for those on holiday. I think we can take it that Winter has virtually passed us by this year but we have sold a few wintry things to people that come from colder areas like Victoria and Tasmania. We can probably slow down o…

Artist of the Month - August 2017

Artist of the Month - August
Peta Jervois
After 42 years in South Australia Peta moved to Queensland in 1998. She completed a Master of Science (MSc) whilst in Adelaide, worked in medical research for 8 years and then health and welfare policy and planning in the two state public services. 

Peta has always had an interest in Art, with drawing being her main passion. While working full-time, she did many workshops in both South Australia and Queensland. She attended the Adelaide Institute of Art and the Brisbane Institute of Art for classes on topics including design mosaics mixed media, print making techniques, drawing and life drawing. She also painted silk scares under the business name of Silk Sensations in the 1980's and completed Ceramics 1 at the Brisbane Institute of Art in 1999. 

After retiring, Peta joined the MACG Fine Art Group in 2013 having done little in art for about the previous 10 years. She started with some drawing assignments to refresh her skills and was encourage…

Newsletter: July 2017

President's Report:This month we welcome the services of Jean McRuvie as our new MACG Treasurer. Maria Gardner has volunteered to act as Providore for MACG. On behalf of all MACG members, I take this opportunity to sincerely thank both these members for volunteering their valuable services. Many thanks to Sue Reid who will be Assistant Treasurer.  The MACG display, sales and Art Show, held in the workshop during the Maleny Agricultural Show, after expenses, showed a small financial loss. As there was some difficulty in organising the setting up and dismantling of the areas used for the display of members work and the sales table, a decision relating to future events in the workshop during the Maleny Agricultural Show was proposed, and agreed to by the Management Committee. It was decided that in future years a group, if large, or two combined groups, if smaller, would be rostered to take responsibility for the setting up, and dismantling, of this section. In addition, we will retur…

Newsletter: June 2017

President's Report: This was, as usual, a month that had fewer planned activities for MACG members. Anita, (Vice President), and I attended a function at the Maleny High School where the High School Staff thanked the many Maleny Community Groups for their contribution of library books. These books are donated in lieu of wreaths on Anzac Day. The High School organises the purchase of books, which are paid for by the Community Groups, wrapped and then placed on the local cenotaph instead of a wreath. These are collected at the end of the Anzac Service and added the High School Library. 
Earlier in the month Anita attended the Showground User’s Group Committee as I was unable to attend. While some of the Showground User Groups have plans for improvements, including updates required by their Governing Organisations, like us, the continuing maintenance and updates all require funding, which can be difficult to obtain.There was also the usual message of driving at no more than 10 kilomet…