Newsletter: September 2017

President's Report: This month was very quiet. The Christmas Fair is scheduled for the last weekend in November and by now most members should have received information regarding the position of a Fair Convener. I managed to speak to a couple of groups and I left this information to be imparted to group members by their conveners. After all, this fair is about the members showing off their craft skills, and enticing new members to join our organization. It is one of the main fund raisers which keeps MACG financially viable, so it’s members can enjoy the facilities to practice their craft skills. ~ Peter

Vice President's Report: I was pleased to receive an invitation to attend the 10th Anniversary Celebration of the Downs and West Community Support Organisation (DWCS). The DWCS is an organisation that support farming families in Queensland’s South West, the Darling Downs and the Burnett Regions. This support ranges from food hampers, clothing, vouches for petrol, medicine and repairing, or replacement of farming equipment, such as tractor tyres, assisting pregnant women whose partners have died in farming accidents, through to counseling services. Although there is an excellent Advisory Committee, there is only one lady who travels, delivers goods and visits the families, Sister Christine Henry. In appreciation of the assistance and donations given from MACG members, I received, on behalf of the Maleny Arts and Crafts Group, a Certificate of Appreciation. Every year I go to the Management Committee and ask for money to purchase wadding for the quilts that are made by the quilters and that are then donated to this cause. By the Management Committee funding the wadding it means that every MACG member is assisting this worthy cause. On that Saturday I met a lady who was present when Sister Christine Henry organised a “Wellness Day” for 40 farming ladies last year. In the hall she had placed the 40 quilts that we had donated and invited the participants to choose one of the quilts for themselves. They could not believe that people thought about them, and their circumstances, and wanted to help. This lady went on to say that it may have been 40 quilts for 40 ladies but it really had an effect on 40 families.
Christmas is not too far away and it seems an irony in this age that farmers themselves need help to supply food for their families, especially items that can be consumed at Christmas. I am asking if you could spare an item, clothing or something that may be used as a Christmas present, especially for the children, even a packet or a tin of food, in particular a food item that could be used for Christmas lunch? I will, with the Management Committee’s permission leave a box, both in the workshop, and the Gallery, as many of our members do not visit the workshop, in which these items can be placed. These items will need to be received by mid November so they can be forwarded on to the local community members who assist with the distribution of such goods. 
There was no Showground User’s Committee Meeting last month, but both the Showground and the Soccer Club received grants worth $35,000 each, These grants will assist the Soccer Club in developing its grounds and should enable them to not require the use of the cricket oval next season. Three of Maleny’s Soccer teams made it to the grand finals with two of them winning their respective level. The next Showground User’s Committee meeting will be this Tuesday night. ~ Anita

Gallery Report: August was another month that we scraped over the line paying all the bills in the gallery and still having a bit left over. We also managed to fill all shifts in spite of holidays and illness. Good work members!
We would like to see all the thicker knitted items gone from the gallery by the end of September, so if you have any there please take them out when you are next on shift.
We have had just a few items recently that have been put out in the gallery, by their makers, which have not been up to standard and have had to be removed by us. These have been mostly sewn items. So, please, put your goods out the back to be checked and Heather and I will display them in the gallery. One or other of us is in the gallery most days of the week so the items do not stay in the back room for any length of time, unless they are not deemed suitable or up to standard, in which case we would notify you and ask you to remove them.
Thanks to those volunteers who have filled shifts at a moments notice this month and to those who do a shift, but have no goods in the gallery. We appreciate you volunteering your time. ~ Priscilla & Heather

Porcelain Group Report: Our little group is growing and we enjoy very happy, social and productive Wednesday afternoons. Some newer members are learning new techniques with surprising results. We are still planning to have the two ladies who visited us last year to return. Some good news is that a new porcelain kiln has been ordered and preparations for its installation are underway. Come along for a visit and have a chat with us on Wednesday afternoons. Better still, join the fun. ~ Kati

Fine Art & Life Drawing Group Report: Our group is enjoying the warmer weather and has reveled in a plein air painting day at one of our members wonderful gardens, (Thanks Danielle). Life drawing group also so had its workshop this month, with talented Sunshine Coast artist Pauline Adair. Our Artist of the month is Carole Bond. When you are in the workshop take time to enjoy Carole's amazing work. ~ Megan

Quilter's Group Report: This month has continued to be busy with the Beginners Workshop progressing at a great speed, and with great results. Also the Quilters are attempting to complete their Friendship Squares ready for a presentation to the group on the 25th September. As a result of receiving the new Quilting Machine we have already sent three people to the Caloundra Sewing Centre for lessons in the use of the machine, with the hope they will pass on their knowledge. We hope to send a further three in the next month. During the UFO Weekend (Unfinished Objects) our group members filled the workshop with lots of sewing and laughter. We also invited friends and husbands to enjoy fish and chips on the Saturday night. ~ Celia

Clay Workers Report: A reminder of the Raku firing scheduled for the 5th October. Anyone who would like to participate must have their work completed and ready for a bisque firing on the 21st September, then glazing the following Thursday. The Raku is always such fun, and the nervous anticipation of the results can often be rewarded with some spectacular finishes. The Little Beaver compressor spray is functional again, thanks to Deirdre, and can be used for spraying work with underglazes, glazes, stains, slips and anything else suitable for decoration. Welcome to our latest new member, Barbara. There is a huge fund of information and knowledge in our group, Barbara, so don’t hesitate to ask anytime you need to know something. Someone will have an answer, or know where to find one. ~ June

Creative Glass Group Report: Members of the Creative Glass Group have recently experimented with pot melts under the supervision of our tutor Barbara. Yes, using Italian made flower pots and saucers!!! We all had mixed results which can be changed/improved perhaps with further glass added and another firing. The 22nd July order of group glass from Hartley Williams supplier in Brisbane has arrived, courtesy our leader Colleen’s transport service, and includes some very beautiful colours and patterned glass which will be used to create more stunning pieces. Check the MACG Gallery to view various members’ glass pieces which are on display. No doubt all members are now hard at work creating new pieces of work to be ready in time for the November MACG Fair. The good news is that we now have a new cupboard to make it easier and safer to store all of our glass slumping molds, with many thanks going to Kevin for his expertise and time in assembling it. The bad news is that there has been flashing lights on our large kiln. Kevin has greatly assisted our illustrious leader, Colleen, in managing to circumnavigate this problem of the flashing light, for the time being, so, as a result, some delays in firing have occurred. ~ Una

Publicity Officers Report: We have updated the look for the Blog - have a look and tell us what you think. Also, don't forget to send in photos of what you and your group are working on so we can share them with all our members on Social Media.

Textile Artists Group Report: We are still creating our individual pieces of work. The group has organised a felted “pod” workshop on the 26th October at the workshop from 9.00am till 3.00pm. Pauline Amor, a well known creative textile artist, is running the workshop. All materials are supplied. We currently have 4 spaces for anyone who is interested. Cost is $30 with a $10 deposit to be paid asap to confirm your participation. Please contact me for more details or to make a booking. ~ Claire

Spinners & Weavers Group Report: Another busy month we’ve had! Cilla, Heather & myself attended an Advanced Weaving workshop on Knitters Looms and had fun learning different patterns to weave…. As usual, some “girls” have been away on holidays. Our regular weekly attendance has increased with an average of 12 or more every Friday afternoon – great to catch up with everyone. Some members will be visiting Noosa Spinners at their Open Day where we hope to meet new “like minded” people and see what there might be for sale… not that we really need anything… but we like to look! ~ Robyn

Woodcrafters Group Report: The items approved for purchase for the woodies at the August meeting have been purchased and set up for use in the workshop. We now have a Router table that is much safer to use. In addition, we have a tool sharpening system that allows for both sharper tools and the ability for different members to easily obtain the same angle of grind. This will make the art of wood turning both safer and more enjoyable for all participating members. As a thank you to MACG for making the funds available, the woodies are donating a Camphor and Red Cedar Blanket Box for the November Fair Raffle prize. Woodies meet Friday mornings 9am to Noon. ~ Conveners: Ray & Howard