Newsletter: October 2017

Presidents Report: September was a busier month than August. An agreement as to the placement of kilns, which are to kept and fired in the storeroom, which is shared between the Spinners and Weavers, Porcelain Artists and Glassworkers, has been reached. I attended the first planning meeting for the Christmas Fair. I also attended the Maleny District Sports and Recreation Club’s meeting to receive information in relation to 2018 Aussie Day Expo. This is held on the main oval at the Maleny Showground, and we are planning to again participate again in this event. ~ Peter

Gallery Report: Thanks to those of you who have already removed your winter items from the gallery. Any of the remaining items not taken by the middle of October will be put in the back room for you to collect. Summer items are starting to come in now and the baby clothes are still selling well. Hopefully October will be busier than September and it will not be so hard to fill the roster. We have had a couple of volunteers leave this month owing to their age and we thank them for all their work over the years. We would also like to welcome three new volunteers who will be trained in October. Keep up your good work. ~ Priscilla & Heather 

Porcelain Group Report: Our little group is growing and we enjoy very happy, social and productive Wednesday afternoons. Some newer members are learning new techniques with surprising results. Some good news is that a new porcelain kiln has been ordered and preparations for its installation are underway. Come along for a visit and have a chat with us on Wednesday afternoons. Better still, join the fun. ~ Kati 

Fine Art and Life Drawing Group Report: We have had our second outing for the year. We travelled to Noosa, where we visited Art Galleries and an Art Shop. It was a wonderful, enjoyable day, due to good company and the interesting sights. Artist of the month at the workshop is Lynn Pryor, take time to enjoy Lynn's beautiful work. ~ Megan

Quilter's Group Report: Planning has begun for the Quilters Show in September next year. There will be the usual display of quilts but there will also be “Small Challenge Quilts”, that will have a colour and musical theme. These challenge instructions will be distributed to our quilters at our Christmas party. We had visitors from Dickie Beach recently, who displayed quilts that they make for foster children. We were very impressed with their workmanship and dedication. A start has been made on the Quilt for the May Fair Raffle. Judy and Sharon will represent the Quilters in the Convenors Committee. ~ Celia 

Sewing Group Report: We had a busy month making “Capes for Kids”. Thirty-four have been sent off to the relevant charity for distribution. We hope they will bring joy to some sick children in hospital. Thank you to Margaret for organising this activity. The Sewing Group will hold a "Workshop with Kim” of Kimz Sewing Shop on Wednesday 8th of November from 9am. Thank you to the China Painters for allowing to run a little overtime if needed. Please forward names, and any queries, to Beverley as numbers are needed for this workshop. A list of requirements will be forwarded to those members participating in the workshop. Sewing group members please note the date, Wednesday 29th November, as our Christmas Lunch. Happy Sewing, ~ Beverley

Publicity Officers Report: Please send us photos of what you are going to be selling at the Hand Made in Maleny Christmas Fair so that we can advertise it... the more advertising/publicity we can do = more visitors = more sales = successful Craft Fair & very happy members!
Images can be sent to {email} or via our Facebook Page.
If you have Facebook &/or Instagram - Don't forget to share our Fair Posts so that we get wider publicity and therefore can get more people to visit!

Creative Glass Group Report: The Glassworkers new cupboard is now stocked with the group’s assortment of slumping moulds, with easy to access listings, inside the doors, indicating type, shape and firing costs. The large kiln problem is still not resolved, but a workaround has been implemented, consisting of a chain and padlock to ensure safety when in use. So the kiln is in use again. Recent items observed coming out of the kiln include hangings, cheese boards, Christmas themed items, bowls, plates, open weave look fruit platters, jewelry and more. Each is totally individual, so expect a great display at the Christmas Fair. Do not forget you are required to book your table for the Christmas Fair. ~ Una

Clay Workers Report: Clay workers had a very successful Raku firing last week, with some truly spectacular results from both glazed items and naked raku. Raku requires teamwork, heat, fire, water and stamina, and the outcome is worth all the hard work. A reminder for anyone interested in the Diane Peach slab workshop next month to register with Deirdre. There will be a limit of 12 participants. Our members are working on items for the Christmas Fair, and its great to see so many people extending their skills, tackling new projects and succeeding with things they never thought they were capable of. ~ June

Spinners & Weavers Report: Another month has come and gone – is it just me or is time going so fast – must just be too busy! We have another visit coming up this month, this time to Gympie Open Day. We are confirming numbers so we can determine our travel plans. It has been good to visit other groups (so far Kureelpa & Noosa) – it shows us what other groups do and it widens our network of similar minded “friends’ where we can exchange new ideas and see projects that others have accomplished. The variety of work we produce never ceases to amaze me and I am so proud of all that we produce – well done girls! Eliza’s saying: And always, in knitting, as in life, have an open mind. You’ll see there might be another path open to you, one you almost missed. Stockinette never looked so good from a garter-stitch road, did it? ~ Robyn

Maleny Arts and Crafts Hand Made in Maleny Christmas Fair 
Maleny Community Centre 
Planning is well under way for our Christmas Fair. Thank you to those who have become involved and taking responsibility for tasks to achieve this fair. 
Fair Dates Set up -Wednesday 22nd and Thursday 23rd November 
Thursday night: 5.30 – 8.00pm 
The Community Centre will be open for members and friends to share friendship and get to know our many new members. The request is to bring a plate for sharing. There will be a sales desk available for those who wish to make purchases. 
Friday – Saturday: 9.00am – 4.00 pm 
Sunday: 9.00 am – 3.00pm 
(collection of your goods and clean up will commence at 3.00pm) 
All members are requested to assist in some way, as well contributing your hand made goods. Any member is welcome to book a table to sell their hand made items. A reminder that items must be made by you and be of a high quality. 
The kitchen will be open the Friday, Saturday and Sunday for sale of tea, coffee, slices, cakes, sandwiches There will be a request for cakes and slices. 
More details in November newsletter Table bookings can now be made with Bev. 
A reminder that the organisational procedures for this fair is being completed by each interest group. It is important that each interest group have their co-ordinator or the group's representative present at the next meeting.