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Artist of the Month - August 2017

Artist of the Month - August
Peta Jervois
After 42 years in South Australia Peta moved to Queensland in 1998. She completed a Master of Science (MSc) whilst in Adelaide, worked in medical research for 8 years and then health and welfare policy and planning in the two state public services. 

Peta has always had an interest in Art, with drawing being her main passion. While working full-time, she did many workshops in both South Australia and Queensland. She attended the Adelaide Institute of Art and the Brisbane Institute of Art for classes on topics including design mosaics mixed media, print making techniques, drawing and life drawing. She also painted silk scares under the business name of Silk Sensations in the 1980's and completed Ceramics 1 at the Brisbane Institute of Art in 1999. 

After retiring, Peta joined the MACG Fine Art Group in 2013 having done little in art for about the previous 10 years. She started with some drawing assignments to refresh her skills and was encourage…