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Newsletter: November 2017

President's Report: In October we had our second, and final Fair meeting before the event. There will be certain protocols in place to ensure the smooth running of the Fair. Please see Claire’s report for the Christmas Fair for all details. The Maleny State High School had their awards night on the 24th October. Priscilla and I attended the event on behalf of MACG. There were many proud parents and guests in attendance and the evening was a credit to all involved in this event. The student who won the MACG Award to the Arts was Lily Whitaker. All the students who were awarded prizes are a credit to this community. ~ Peter Leary
Christmas Fair: Wednesday 22nd till Sunday 26th November 2017 Firstly, I want to thank the very active members who represented each of the interest groups in the planning and implementation for this Fair. The following is a list of final requests and reminders before the Fair commences - 1. Hopefully all table bookings have been made with either Bev or Clair…