Newsletter: November 2017

President's Report: In October we had our second, and final Fair meeting before the event. There will be certain protocols in place to ensure the smooth running of the Fair. Please see Claire’s report for the Christmas Fair for all details. The Maleny State High School had their awards night on the 24th October. Priscilla and I attended the event on behalf of MACG. There were many proud parents and guests in attendance and the evening was a credit to all involved in this event. The student who won the MACG Award to the Arts was Lily Whitaker. All the students who were awarded prizes are a credit to this community. ~ Peter Leary

Christmas Fair: Wednesday 22nd till Sunday 26th November 2017
Firstly, I want to thank the very active members who represented each of the interest groups in the planning and implementation for this Fair.
The following is a list of final requests and reminders before the Fair commences -
1. Hopefully all table bookings have been made with either Bev or Claire and artwork with Lyn. If not, please do it now!
2. If you are selling any items at the Fair, please use the new consignment form. If you don’t have access to a printer, copies are available in the Workshop and Gallery. These forms are required on Thursday morning (23rd) when you bring your items to the Community Centre between 8.00am 12noon
3. Community set up is on Wednesday (22nd) 8.00am-12noon. Many hands make light work, please come and help.
4. The fair closes at 3.00pm on the Sunday (26th). Your items CANNOT be removed prior to this time. The packing of items prior to the close of the doors can create safety issues for the last minute customers. Members are asked also to help with the clean-up. We understand that everyone wants to go home, but tasks have to be finished.
5. You can remove items from the Gallery, but just remember that the Gallery is open over the weekend so please ensure your displays still look great! Items cannot be returned to the Gallery on Sunday afternoon, instead, please bring items back at your convenience during the week after the Fair.
6. The kitchen roster still has a couple of gaps which require your name to help. You can find the roster in the Gallery this week. Donations of cakes or slices (uncut) would be much appreciated.
7. Thursday night: The Community Centre will be open between 5.30 and 8.00pm on Thursday 24th November. This is a time for members and friends to meet, share friendship, meet new members, celebrate MACG achievements and wish everyone a Merry Christmas. You are also able to do some shopping if you wish.Members are asked to bring a plate of food to share, but as we are not utilising the kitchen this night, please bring pre-prepared items along (ie. There are no heating or cooking facilities available that night). The bar will be open should you wish to purchase drinks. A fruit punch will also be served.
8. Please sell and return your raffle tickets to Lorraine as soon as possible. If you have any problems please ring her.
Should you have any other questions/problems, please do ring me or email ~ Claire (Fair Co-ordinator). 

Gallery Directors Report: No doubt all our volunteers who are putting things in the Christmas Fair are busy at the moment. Don't forget that if you are entering goods you need to put your name on the fair roster which is now in the Gallery. The Gallery will still be open during this time so you can put goods in there as well if you wish. We will not be taking any goods back into the gallery on the last day of the fair but feel free to bring them in sometime during the week following. Please note that during December we would like to do the same as last year and each weekend in December and the last two weeks leading up to Christmas, 10th to 24th December, we hope to have two people on per shift. The purpose of this is to speed things up if it gets busy and for there to be an extra pair of eyes making sure that nothing leaves the Gallery unpaid for. If you have a shift in that time could you please try to find a buddy to do the shift with you and write their name on the roster. If you cannot find anyone please let Heather and myself know. It is a good idea for everyone to check the roster when it comes out just to make sure when your shift is as they do change sometimes and we cannot afford the shop to be closed if we are to cover our costs. We wish you all the best for the fair. Keep busy. ~Priscilla & Heather 

Publicity Officers Report: Thank you to all the people who have liked and shared information about our upcoming Christmas Fair on Social Media. We have had an excellent response. We would love it if you can tag us in any posts you put up relating to what you are putting in the Fair or any photos you take at the Fair. Feel free to use our Hashtags:

 #MACG     #MalenyArtsandCraftsGroup     #HandmadeinMaleny 
~ Juliana 

Sewing Group Report: A very enthusiastic group of ladies worked on a Zip Bag with Kim of Kimz Sewing Shop. It was a long but very enjoyable day and thanks to the China Painters for allowing us to stay on. It will be interesting to see the bags all finished. We look forward to seeing you all at some time during the Christmas Fair and any help with your time/cooking is very much appreciated. Our Group is responsible for taking care of the cafe tablecloths as well as the white table covers so any help would be appreciated. Our Group Christmas Lunch will be 29th Nov but remember it is sewing as usual at 9am on that morning. Any queries re catering please check with me and please also remember our Secret Santa...always a fun time. The Sewing Group will continue to meet through till Christmas. Happy Sewing ~ Beverley 

Spinners & Weavers: It’s been a busy month gearing up for the Christmas Fair. We will be demonstrating our various crafts – spinning, weaving, knitting and crochet at the Fair and a roster has been organised, I do still need someone for Saturday afternoon to demonstrate so please let me know if you can fill this spot. Just a reminder that we have organised our Christmas Lunch for Friday Dec 8 so “save the date” and our last Friday for the year will be Dec 22. This month’s saying: “When you think that the knitting is all that matters, it’s time to put it down and look up to see the person sitting on the couch across from you. You may have forgotten who you’re knitting for”. ~ Robyn 

Glass Group Report: Members of the Creative Glass Group have been busy making items for the Fair or as Christmas presents for friends and family. The group recently bought themselves a small sandblaster. This will enable us to etch glass with different patterns. Still an experiment so watch this space. We now need to buy ourselves an air compressor to go with the sandblaster as I am sure Colleen’s husband would like his compressor back! It seems our kiln worries are over, and everything is back to normal. On behalf of the Glass Group ~ Phillippa 

Woodcrafters Report: The November Fair Raffle prize is in the window at the Gallery and tickets are selling. The Woodies have a similar Camphor and Red Cedar Blanket Box for sale for $600 for anyone who would like it but failed to purchase the winning ticket. We have also made and delivered a Red Ash and Cedar box to Kay Stacey, the wife of one of our old members (The Maleny weather man, Pat Stacey). Lots of shavings and dust have been produced as a by-product of many timber items produced during the past month in the lead up to the November Fair. Woodies meet Friday mornings 9am to Noon. Conveners ~ Ray & Howard 

Clay Worker’s Report: A few notes about the rapidly approaching Christmas Fair. Colleen has booked a table for our group, but she would like to get an idea of how much space is needed, in case we require extra room. Anyone intending to enter items, please contact her with your requirements. This year, there is an opening night on 23 December, and donations of finger food would be welcomed (but no dips and nothing requiring heating!) Clay workers will be responsible for offering the food around and generally mixing with visitors, encouraging them to spend. We are also responsible for the punch. Raffle tickets need to be returned a week before the Fair and can be lodged at the Gallery or the workshop. Five of our members found inspiration in a visit to the Buderim Craft Cottage’s Annual Exhibition. Visiting other groups is a wonderful way to widen horizons, and learn new techniques. The kilns are working overtime, and good luck to everyone with their creations. ~ June 

Textile Arts: A group of interested members spent a productive day on Thursday 26th October producing small pots with Pauline Amor. Pauline shared her skills in wet felting techniques. The skills learnt will be extended and used in a range of other items in the future. ~ Claire 

Crochet Group: The recently formed crochet group is well underway. We have several new members plus a few who have joined us from within the MACG. We are very lucky to have several experienced crocheters to assist any beginners start on their journey of discovery. To date I have seen flowers emerge from balls of yarn, colourful rugs grow before my eyes, baby clothes and toys developing, scarves and shawls progressing from notes on a piece of paper, freeform motifs for a vest and believe it or not, snowflakes just in time for Christmas. To add to this mix, new friendships have been formed, a few have learnt to crochet and others have brushed up on their forgotten skills. The group has a small library which is housed in the storage room for now. Borrowers are welcome. Have to confess that I have heard a few knitting needles clicking during crochet time but that is ok too. Next year we hope to do some workshops that everyone can join into regardless of your skill level. Remember this is just for fun, and from there anything can happen. We will be demonstrating at the Christmas Fair and hopefully this will encourage a few more crocheters to come out of the closet. ~ Vicki 

Porcelain Group Report: The highlight of this months is the arrival of our new kiln. A very big thank you to MACG. We had a delightful afternoon with a couple of china painters from Bli Bli visiting us. Hopefully in the New Year the pair will come and share their considerable knowledge with our group. The new kiln is not operational just yet, most of our members away and there is no urgency so we will get things going next week. I would like to take this opportunity to wish Kathy Portman our “cow specialist” a speedy recovery. At this time all of us are creating wonderful stuff for the handmade fair (if not, then get cracking!!) ~ Kati 

Tuesday Night Mixed Crafts: Chatter, Coffee, Chocolate and Craft… our ratio of each varies weekly! We have had a busy few weeks creating a wide variety of projects including freeform crochet, felting, knitted scarves, home d├ęcor items, clothing and Christmas decorations. Please feel free to drop in and join us from 7pm each Tuesday evening. ~ Mandy

Quilting Report: The Quilting Workshop finished with a big thanks to Pam Doyle and requests for more next year. We are planning the Christmas Lunch on the 18th December to include Secret Santa and donations of articles for Sister Christine. A lot of our members are involved in the Christmas Fair. Thank you for your efforts. It is appreciated. ~ Celia

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