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Newsletter: March 2018

MARCH 2018 VOL. 2
Autumn Edition Newsletter
This is my last report as President. This month a new committee will be elected and I would like to thank all members of the outgoing committee for their support during my term of office. I must acknowledge Heather and Cilla for their ongoing gallery work and always making the gallery attractive. Thanks must also go Anita for her invaluable knowledge of MACG, Pat for her secretarial duties, Sue and Jean for the treasurer’s duties, Judy for recording the minutes, and Claire for taking on the role of Fair Organizer. The group’s coordinators and other members of the Management Committee who come to the monthly meetings play an essential part in the running of MACG. During the past twelve months we have been fortunate to obtain two grants. It is thanks to Colleen, who tirelessly works for every member, that we have received those grants. Every member has benefited as it allows us to make improvem…

Artist of the Month - March 2018

Artist of the Month - March 2018 Priscilla Vickers
Priscilla has always been interested in art since her school days but had no opportunity or time to pursue the interest until she came to Maleny. She has since attending some classes with different artists and has gradually learnt more techniques and enjoyed them all!
Priscilla likes to paint people and places she knows and usually uses acrylics. As well as painting, Priscilla has also created a few sculptures and has dabbled in relief painting, making artist's books and collage.
 Apothecary Jars (Acrylic)
 Nature Trek (Acrylic)
Chooks (Acrylic on Board)

Newsletter: February 2018

FEB 2018 VOL. 1
Summer Edition Newsletter
Welcome to 2018, a New Year. Last year, 2017, was a year when a number of our groups obtained much needed equipment. The artists received their long awaited for panels, the woodcrafters additional tools, and the Quilters an up to date quilting machine. The Gallery made a small profit, and many thanks must go to Heather and Cilla and any member who did extra shifts, especially over the Christmas and New Year period. This made a difference, both to the volume of sales and the overall takings for December, which exceeded those of last year. The Aussie Day Expo went very well with the weather being kind and giving us a fine sunny and warm day, not the showers as were predicted. There was a lot of interest shown by members of the public towards our various demonstrations with many questions being asked of our demonstrators. Thanks to those MACG members who attended and assisted with the demonstrations, the Spi…

Artist of the Month - February 2018

Artist of the Month - December/January 2018
Our Artist of the Month is Jenny Mortimer. Jenny has two of her amazing bright portraits on display.
Bright (Acrylic)                        |                     Karlee (Acrylic)

Jenny Mortimer is a self taught artist. She has attended lessons and workshops over the years by a number of artists using a variety of mediums. She loves to work in acrylics and mixed media such as modelling compound, gel, inks crayons etc.  Her first solo art exhibition was 4 years ago at the Up Front Club with 21 paintings titled "Girls with Attitude". She has sold two works overseas, one in Japan and one in Austria, which were purchased from workings in Maleny as well as distributed around Australia.  The two works displayed are typical of her subject matter, abstract girls. She is currently working on a collections of paintings in this large size.  Fairly recently, Jenny has been learning and painting pop art and has a small collection to date, inclu…

Newsletter: December 2017

Presidents Report: The end of the year is rapidly approaching and the final MACG activity was the Christmas Fair. As always a great deal of work went into organising and presenting the Fair. A big thank you to all the various groups, and individuals, who participated in the Fair.
The Christmas Fair was successful due to the volunteers who set up the Community Hall on the Wednesday, the members who presented such wonderful items for display and sale, and those who rostered themselves on the Cash and Wrap desk, the Kitchen Workers, the Treasury team, the Floor Walkers, the Raffle Ticket Sellers, Juliana who handled the advertising, and the partners of our members who willingly helped when required. We must also thank the Lions Club members who willingly transport our bits and pieces to and from the Community Centre. Most definitely a large thank you to Claire who organised the Fair so efficiently. 

As time rolls on and with our longer term members not getting any younger, the time must co…