Newsletter: February 2018

FEB 2018 VOL. 1

Summer Edition Newsletter

Welcome to 2018, a New Year. Last year, 2017, was a year when a number of our groups obtained much needed equipment. The artists received their long awaited for panels, the woodcrafters additional tools, and the Quilters an up to date quilting machine. The Gallery made a small profit, and many thanks must go to Heather and Cilla and any member who did extra shifts, especially over the Christmas and New Year period. This made a difference, both to the volume of sales and the overall takings for December, which exceeded those of last year. The Aussie Day Expo went very well with the weather being kind and giving us a fine sunny and warm day, not the showers as were predicted. There was a lot of interest shown by members of the public towards our various demonstrations with many questions being asked of our demonstrators. Thanks to those MACG members who attended and assisted with the demonstrations, the Spinners and Weavers, the Artists, Crochet Group members and the Woodcrafters. We usually gain a few more members resulting from our Aussie Day Expo participation. Once again, I must draw your attention to the security of the workshop. It is not always locked securely and there have been windows and doors that have been found to have been left open,fans left on and lights not switched off. It is in our best interest to look after this workshop, and the contents. There would be nothing worse than to come in and find the place has been vandalised, and quite possibly our insurance would also be affected. I will be visiting and talking to all groups soon about the Annual General Meeting which is scheduled for 12th March at 1pm. All members are welcome to attend.

Gallery Report: January was a slow month for sales, as expected, after our bumper month of December. No doubt sales will improve as the year progresses. Please note that there are still Christmas themed goods in the back room along with a good deal of other stuff in the "take home box". We will be having a clear out of the back room soon and any articles still there will be removed to the op shop. So please check as soon as possible and remove any articles belonging to you. Also please check the roster, which is found on the last page of each newsletter and note the date and times for your shift and/or shifts. We have already had some “no shows” this month. The security equipment seems to be working well, especially the door chime. However it is still necessary to look up and acknowledge people when they come into the gallery. We still have an excellent selection of items for sale and plenty of them so Thank You for all your good work. Have a good month.
Pricillia & Heather

Glass Worker's Group Report: We hope everyone had a great Christmas and New Year. The Creative Glass Group have started the year with a bang. Over the last couple of weeks under the expert tutelage of Barbara, members of the group have expanded their skills with a Precision Cutting Workshop. We learnt how to cut convex and concave curves and the best order of cutting. All pieces have now been fired and we are all happy with the results. On behalf of the glass group Happy crafting,

Textile Artist's Group Report: Again the year has commenced with our very creative members. Projects are being created for us to show our skills at the quilt show later in the year. Our first task is going to create “The Reef”. If you are interested in learning and participating come and join us. The parameters for our reef will a piece of work that is 30cms wide, with the width to be determined by the stitcher. A large number of different techniques will be used, some will be new to others. We share our skills.

Fine Artist's Group Report: We have had a good start for the year. Already we have had a workshop a with Cooroy artist Anne Yang. Anne is a master pastellist and this workshop specialized in skies. It was a great day, with lots of knowledge imparted. This month's Artist of the Month Jenny Mortimer, enjoy Jenny's amazing artwork.

Woodcrafters Group Report: The Woodcrafters and their partners all enjoyed a short break over the Christmas/New Year period. We had an enjoyable breakup lunch at the Maleny Hotel and the group is now back in full swing. Following the reorganising of the woodcrafting area in the workshop at the start of the year, we now a much more workable space, from both a safety and operational viewpoint, The Aussie Day Expo went well, as (hopefully) attached pictures will testify. The woodcrafters did their usual thing, making small spinning tops which entertains kids of all ages. The spinners and weavers, artists and the crochet group were also well represented. There was ample space for some of our other groups to participate, perhaps next year. Woodcrafters meet Friday mornings 9am to noon at the Maleny Showground. Woodcrafters meet Friday mornings 9am to noon at the Showgrounds
Contact Conveners: Ray or Howard

Spinners & Weavers Group Report: Another busy month. Cilla, Heather and myself attended the MACG stand at the Australia Day Celebration on the oval. Heather demonstrated our Carding machine by carding some Alpaca fleece whilst Cilla & myself spun wool on our spinning wheels. As always, there was lots of interest from young and old. Due to the short month in January we postponed our monthly afternoon tea to the first Friday of February – we will revert to our regular end of month afternoon tea on Feb 23. We must put our thinking caps on so we can plan our next group project – all thoughts will be discussed on “afternoon tea day”.

Corrie Wright has been a member for quite some time and has done quite a few things to do with wood working, and this piece of complicated wood work is an example of her endeavours, here is a little of her story:
In 2017 I started to try my hand at carving wooden spoons. I decided to make a spoon carving mule when i found benches were all too high for me & my dodgy shoulder ….the mule allows me to sit, clamp (with the pressure of my feet on the two paddles) the wood to be carved.(see photo) I bought the plans for $5 from Harry Rogers off the internet & with the help of the experienced woodies in the workshop & a very steep learning curve for me i made the mule adjusting to my own specifications.

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