Newsletter: March 2018

MARCH 2018 VOL. 2

Autumn Edition Newsletter

This is my last report as President. This month a new committee will be elected and I would like to thank all members of the outgoing committee for their support during my term of office. I must acknowledge Heather and Cilla for their ongoing gallery work and always making the gallery attractive. Thanks must also go Anita for her invaluable knowledge of MACG, Pat for her secretarial duties, Sue and Jean for the treasurer’s duties, Judy for recording the minutes, and Claire for taking on the role of Fair Organizer. The group’s coordinators and other members of the Management Committee who come to the monthly meetings play an essential part in the running of MACG. During the past twelve months we have been fortunate to obtain two grants. It is thanks to Colleen, who tirelessly works for every member, that we have received those grants. Every member has benefited as it allows us to make improvements to the workshop and purchase equipment for groups. We are appreciative of the feedback we get from members and they are happy that we make donations to groups who assist others in the community. Our contributions to the community assist us when we apply for grants. MACG has come a long way since it commenced in the 1970 and I fully expect it to continue well into the future because of the work dedicated members put into it. Last, but not least, thank you to all members who do various duties and assist in making MACG a success.

Gallery Report:
The month of February as is usual was a rather dismal month as far as sales were concerned but we are hopeful that March will be better as it is leading up to the Easter weekend. With any luck there will be a lot of visitors to Maleny.
Even during these quiet months when you may be bored on your shift it is important to stay open for the whole duration of your shift as every sale counts. It is also a good opportunity to do some dusting in the gallery which seems to have been ignored of late by most volunteers. I have purchased some new dusters so please give them a workout!
To assist the gallery treasurer please remember to fill out the paperwork correctly on your shift. A few people have not been putting their name or member number at the top of the sales sheets or what shift they are working. If the sheets are only picked up a couple of times a week it is time-consuming working out who did what and when!
If you have any goods for sale that are Easter themed now is the time to bring them into the gallery.
We wish you all a happy and safe Easter and lots of sales.
~ Pricillia & Heather

Glass Worker's Group Report:
I find it hard to believe it is March already. The glass group is enjoying their Thursdays and we are producing lots of great pieces. We have already started looking at getting some bits ready for the Fair which is looming on the horizon. And as Easter is so early this year it will also be here before we know it. Maybe it is just me but time seems to be flying so I hope you are all busy doing what you like doing and don’t waste a minute of it! Happy Crafting!
~ Colleen

Porcelain Group Report:
The year is well on the way and our group is busy. Recently a few of us attended a workshop with Jean Harris, an accomplished artist and teacher at her studio at Wamuran. We learned a lot, particularly how to paint in the traditional way which is the basic method for any other style of work. We are continuing to attend her classes in the future.
The Autumn Fair is fast approaching and we are getting lots of new pieces for the occasion. Happy days are busy days!
~ Cheers, Kati

Fine Artist's Group Report:
It is hard to believe that it is nearly Easter already, this year is moving fast. Our art group has been keeping busy and are looking forward to putting artwork into the upcoming Autumn Fair. Our artist of the month is Priscilla Vickers - when in the workshop take time to enjoy Piriscilla's wonderful art. If you would like to join us please feel free to join us any Tuesday from 9am.
~ Megan

Woodcrafter's Group Report:
Woodies finished and delivered the Red Ash and Cedar box to Kay Stacey, and received a pleasant surprise of a delicious cake from Kay for morning tea shortly after with a thank you note. Our new workshop layout has been a success and lots of shavings and dust have been produced as a by product of many timber items produced. The Barung Wood Show is now looming, so keep at it.
Woodcrafters meet Friday mornings 9am to noon at the Showgrounds.

Clayworker's Group Report:
Janna Pameijer will be giving clay workers a demonstration of different hand-building techniques on Thursday 22 March. Janna is well-known for her beautiful sculptural work and her expertise in construction techniques. The workshop will be a feast for all those wishing to learn new skills and see an expert at work. Please ensure you are there for the 9 o’clock start so we can make the most of her time.
Wheel classes with Bev Heading are continuing on Tuesday afternoons, and cultivating renewed interest in the art of throwing on the wheel.
Lovely to welcome several new people to the group in the last few weeks. To each of you, we have all been first time learners at one stage, so don’t hesitate to ask for assistance. It will be willingly given – in spades!
And owls – they seem to have been reproducing on the shelves. Sitting owls, owls on logs, hanging owls, happy owls, and not so happy ones. Where will it all end?
~ June

Grant's Officer Report:
MACG was awarded $19,947 in the last round of Community Benefit Funding. The application was submitted for upgrading cupboards for the Spinners and Weavers, Sewers, Quilters, Machine knitters, and kilns shelves for the porcelain and glass groups in the two store rooms presently used by those groups for storage. Funding was also acquired to build standalone cupboards for the back room and shelving in the Gallery. These will not be fitted or be improvements to the building. They will belong to MACG but be used in the Gallery. New small vacuum cleaners were on the list to be purchased as was box making equipment for the Woodies. The Box making gear and the Vacuum cleaners have been purchased, quotes have been acquired and hopefully building of the cupboards will commence soon. The redesign and pricing of the spinners and weavers area was requested prior to applying for funding in September so hopefully will soon be on the way so it will be completed in the near future as well.
There may be extra funds left over that can be used to purchase tables or anything else required by applying for a reallocation of these funds. But until we know what that will amount to I am required to spend the funds on what it was asked for… or to return it to the CBF - which I am loathe to do!
As with anything done to the MACG workshop, there will be those that are not happy but the group as a whole must benefit from the improvements to our facility.
~ Colleen Atkin (Grants Officer)

President's Report:
MACG’s Annual General Meeting took place last Monday. A new Executive was elected while many other Committee members elected to continue in their current positions. It is thanks to all those who have worked so hard during the past year that MACG continues to be successful and continually attracts new members.
Welcome, and thank you, to the incoming and continuing members of the Management Committee and may you all enjoy your time on the management committee.
This, again, will be a busy year with preparations for the Autumn Fair, held at the same time the Wood Expo, well underway. Very shortly, raffle tickets for the raffle quilt will be distributed. Many thanks to Judy Tilley and Pam Doyle for making the quilt and to Leonie Gittens for quilting it. It is colourful and has attracted many positive comments from those who have seen the quilt.
This year we will be holding a Quilt Show on the last weekend of September. Again, preparations are well underway as there is a great deal of planning and organizing as we always have presented a number of traders present.
Many thanks and gratitude must go to Jenny Mortimer. Jenny has laboured for many months cataloging and organizing the framing of the donated artwork of the founder of MACG, Elizabeth McDonald. The framed artwork can be seen hanging from the walls in the workshop.
As you would be aware, Colleen has been successful in obtaining another grant for MACG. There will be cupboards and new shelving installed in two of our storerooms, which we are hoping to have completed by the end of the month, or early April. Other items and fixtures are also being purchased as a result of this grant. Well done Colleen!
Colleen has been nominated as MACG’s Volunteer of the Year and the Awards Dinner takes place on the 24th of this month.
Anzac Day is rapidly approaching and MACG will make its annual book donation to the High School Library.
~ Until next month, Anita

President: Anita Turner
Vice-President: Robyn Woodroffe
Secretary: Debbie Palmer
Treasurer: Heather Anderson
Gallery Director: Priscilla Vickers
Minutes Secretary: Judy Tilley
Assistant Secretary: Claire Blowes
Assistant Treasurer: Jan Langdon
Gallery Treasurer: Joanne Cramatte
Assistant Gallery Treasurer: Peter Leary
Assistant Gallery Director: Heather Anderson
Roster Secretary: Lorraine Bevege
Publicity Officer: Juliana
Maintenance Officer: Ray Ellemor
Membership Secretary: Claire Blowes
Newsletter Editor: Megan Bice
Providore: Maria Gardiner
Data Entry Operator: Tom Turner
Health and Safety: Robyn Woodroffe
Fair Coordinator: Claire Blowes