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2018 Biennial Quilt Show

Seven days to go before the 2018 MACG Quilt Show. Traders have been organised, raffle tickets are selling, and quilts have been entered. We will have over 110 quilts on display ranging from really big quilts to tiny quilts. None have been on display in Maleny before. Check out the challenge quilts. Each member received an envelope containing a colour. Their mission if they chose to accept it was to find a song title containing their colour. They were then tasked with making a quilt to represent the chosen song. The only criteria was the quilt needed to be a 15 inch square finished with at least 50% of the quilt using the given colour. This could include many shades and hues of the colour. The other criteria was to have fun and not to stress. The Quilt Show will be open Saturday 29th September from 9am – 4pm and Sunday 30th September from 9am-3pm. The raffle will be drawn at 2pm on Sunday. Our first prize is a gorgeous queen size quilt in bold and bright colours made by members and q…