Artist of the Month - February 2018

Artist of the Month - December/January 2018
Our Artist of the Month is Jenny Mortimer. Jenny has two of her amazing bright portraits on display.

Bright (Acrylic)                        |                     Karlee (Acrylic)

Jenny Mortimer is a self taught artist. She has attended lessons and workshops over the years by a number of artists using a variety of mediums. She loves to work in acrylics and mixed media such as modelling compound, gel, inks crayons etc. 
Her first solo art exhibition was 4 years ago at the Up Front Club with 21 paintings titled "Girls with Attitude". She has sold two works overseas, one in Japan and one in Austria, which were purchased from workings in Maleny as well as distributed around Australia. 
The two works displayed are typical of her subject matter, abstract girls. She is currently working on a collections of paintings in this large size. 
Fairly recently, Jenny has been learning and painting pop art and has a small collection to date, including framed dresses and gloves which have been spray painted and pasted onto board which she has textured with patterns or flowers by stenciling very thickly and then painting or rubbing over the colour; the theme is movement.