Newsletter: July 2017

MACG Newsletter - July 2017

President's Report: This month we welcome the services of Jean McRuvie as our new MACG Treasurer. Maria Gardner has volunteered to act as Providore for MACG. On behalf of all MACG members, I take this opportunity to sincerely thank both these members for volunteering their valuable services. Many thanks to Sue Reid who will be Assistant Treasurer. 
The MACG display, sales and Art Show, held in the workshop during the Maleny Agricultural Show, after expenses, showed a small financial loss. As there was some difficulty in organising the setting up and dismantling of the areas used for the display of members work and the sales table, a decision relating to future events in the workshop during the Maleny Agricultural Show was proposed, and agreed to by the Management Committee. It was decided that in future years a group, if large, or two combined groups, if smaller, would be rostered to take responsibility for the setting up, and dismantling, of this section. In addition, we will return to having a small raffle, with a small contribution from each of the thirteen groups who attend the workshop. Tickets are only sold at the Maleny Agricultural Show, usually for $1, and is drawn late on the Saturday afternoon. In the past, these small raffles have enabled us to return a very small profit. It is interesting to note that show patrons do come into the workshop during the show asking if we are having a raffle as it is thought to be “...a good raffle with an excellent prize”. ~Peter

Vice President's Report: As MACG has its workshop located on the Maleny Showground, we are therefore a member of the Showground Users Group Committee and it is essential that we are aware of what occurs on the Maleny Showground. 
Early in June I attended the Showground Users Group Meeting. The Maleny Agricultural Show was successful with large crowds attending the two day event. This is the largest Agricultural Show surviving in Queensland and the number of volunteers is outstanding. 
Col has been busy repairing the grounds after the event and preparing the grounds for the Muscle on the Mountain event. As I write this, the event has taken place, and was extremely successful having raised much needed funds for Men’s Health, in particular, Prostate Cancer. 
There has been higher fencing placed around parts of the cricket oval to try and stop injuries to the campers and damage to their equipment.
Of concern is the fact that the Ranger’s Soccer Club had correspondence from the Soccer Association concerning the fact that the men’s soccer games have to be played on the cricket oval with a concrete cricket pitch in the middle of the grounds. Although covered it is proving to be a tripping hazard to players. 
The Croquet Club would like to install a toilet at the end of their clubroom (Shed) so that their members do not have to continually walk the distance over to the toilets near the Secretary’s Office. 
It is pleasing to note that a number of showground users do keep, as much as possible, to the speed limit. Unfortunately some users ignore the speed limit, and sign near the MACG workshop, and are responsible for a few close calls. Speed limit is 10kph. 
Later in June I attended a meeting organised by Shane, Vice President of the Ranger’s Soccer Club. A number of Showground User Groups had representatives attend where we met with two representatives from the Sunshine Coast Council (SCC). All Showground User Group representatives present expressed concern about the fact that they had been unable to obtain sufficient funding to carry out much needed work for their various clubs, both in their club house and grounds. ~Anita

Gallery Report: June was another good month for sales in the gallery. Thanks to all of you for your efforts especially on the really busy days. If you are swapping your shift could you please remember to change it on the roster in the gallery. ~Priscilla & Heather

Porcelain Group Report: Our little group is growing and we enjoy very happy, social and productive Wednesday afternoons. Some newer members are learning new techniques with surprising results. We are still making plans to have the two ladies who visited us last year to return. The plans for a new porcelain kiln are ongoing. Come along to just have a chat with us on Wednesday afternoons. Better still, join the fun. ~Kati

Fine Art and Life Drawing Group Report: Our group is having fun, painting and enjoying being creative. Please take time to appreciate the art of Georgia Buchli, who is our artist of the month. Georgia has one large resin canvas gracing our wall. This month the life drawing group are focusing on portraits. Please join us on every Tuesday morning for art, and on the second Tuesday of the month in the afternoon for Life Drawing (1pm - 3pm). ~Megan

Georgia Buchli art on display this month

Quilter's Group Report: Most of the Quilting Group have been busy all month making Friendship Blocks. As a result a lot of new friendships, assisting each other with new challenges and laughing a lot. Some of the group went on the three day retreat to Alexander Headland and enjoyed the getaway with continuous sewing. ~Celia

Clay Workers Report: Clay Workers are looking forward to a workshop with Judy Gardner on 20th July, starting 9am. Judy is well known for her beautiful, often whimsical decorative work, and she will be showing us different techniques and materials for underglazing. Well worth attending this most instructive morning. Peta Jervois has just completed a 5 day course at the McGregor Winter School with Janna Pameijer which from early reports has been utterly fantastic and she has learned a great deal. We should hear more about this at our Thursday group, and hopefully, learn some new approaches to successful sculpture. We have several new members, so a reminder that we have all been new at some time, and don’t hesitate to ask for help. There is a good chance that someone will have an answer and will be happy to assist. Meanwhle, the clay kookaburras are continuing to procreate – who knows eggs and chicks may emerge next and take over the workshop. ~June

Creative Glass Group Report: The newer members of the Creative Glass Group are learning and experimenting with different styles and techniques with support from the more experienced glassers and under the watchful eye of teacher Barbara. In July we are quite excited as some members will be visiting the exhibition of the Creative Glass Guild of QLD where Barbara exhibits as well as visiting our Brisbane glass supplier on the way. This will be very motivating so wait for some fantastic new glass works to be created. ~Una

Publicity Officers Report: Our social media presence is growing steadily. So please email in any stories and photos of what everyone is doing in your group.
Instagram: @malenyartsandcraftsgroup 


Spinners & Weavers Group Report: We had a busy month having had a whole day workshop on making silk wrapped baskets as well as our regular Friday afternoon group meetings. Some members have been away on holidays with others planning future trips. Our end of month afternoon tea is always fun and something we look forward to each month. As usual many items were completed and brought in for “show & tell” and patterns swapped. We will be attending the Kureelpa Open Day at the end of the month. Saying: If you cast on with joy, your stitches will dance. If you cast on with your eyes to the floor, your stitches will likely run that direction the first chance they get. ~Robyn

& Position Available

A special thank you and acknowledgement to Robyn Woodroffe who has organised the past 5 fairs. Robyn has decided that it is time to take a break, but will share her knowledge and skills with the next “Fair Organiser”. As the members of MACG know that the biannual “fairs” are an integral part of the financial, cultural and social organisation of Maleny Arts and Crafts. To organise these fairs, it requires creativity, research, dedication, patience, time and above all, be able to be part of a voluntary organisation. In Robyn's organisation of fairs she was always looking and brought new ideas to inspire those who come to purchase the merchandise that members present. The fairs that Robyn has organised have been successful. She has set high standards and established a procedure for the running of these fairs. To aid the next “Fair Organiser” she has developed a working manual to assist the procedures. Robyn, thank you. Enjoy your proposed travelling.

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