Newsletter: June 2017

President's Report: This was, as usual, a month that had fewer planned activities for MACG members. Anita, (Vice President), and I attended a function at the Maleny High School where the High School Staff thanked the many Maleny Community Groups for their contribution of library books. These books are donated in lieu of wreaths on Anzac Day. The High School organises the purchase of books, which are paid for by the Community Groups, wrapped and then placed on the local cenotaph instead of a wreath. These are collected at the end of the Anzac Service and added the High School Library. 

Earlier in the month Anita attended the Showground User’s Group Committee as I was unable to attend. While some of the Showground User Groups have plans for improvements, including updates required by their Governing Organisations, like us, the continuing maintenance and updates all require funding, which can be difficult to obtain.There was also the usual message of driving at no more than 10 kilometers per hour whilst in the Showground. 

By the end of the month preparations were well underway for the Maleny Agricultural Show. In the Maleny Arts and Crafts building, (workshop), we housed an Artists display, demonstrations by the Spinners and Weavers, displays of a number of groups work and, for this year, a display of some of Maleny Arts and Crafts Historical Records and Achievements. I only briefly visited the workshop on Friday but saw the display of various styles of art offered for sale by the Artists. It was very inspiring. The Spinners who contributed their time for demonstrating their craft always have a crowd admiring their skills. The children are fascinated and it never ceases to amaze the number of adults, who at one time or another, have tried their hand at spinning wool and other fibers. Thanks to Judy who spent the two days of the Agricultural Show talking to members of the public about the humble beginnings and development of the Maleny Arts and Crafts Group. Anita was also present and discussed with the show patrons the various groups, their activities and display of items offered for public viewing. There was a sales table which offered some items for sale. Overall there were slow, but nevertheless, steady sales throughout the two days. Many thanks to the Artists who looked after all the sales. After expenses, we just made a very small profit. Again, a large “Thank you” to all who contributed to this event and this includes the few members and partners who set up the workshop for the various displays, and who later restored order to the front area of the workshop. Although, overall, the entries were down in the Crafts and Cooking Sections displayed in the Show Pavilion, numerous Maleny Arts and Crafts members won prizes. Congratulations to Neils Anderson who won the top honour as Champion in the Woodcrafting Section. Congratulations to all those members who took the time and effort to enter the competitions available, and to those who won prizes. It is also worth noting that a considerable number of a members, who also belong to other Maleny Community Groups, also contribute their time and efforts to the various activities at the Maleny Agricultural Show during this time.

Congratulations to Priscilla and Heather for all their hard work at Show Time. The Window Display for businesses in Maleny was won, for the second year running, by our Arts and Crafts Gallery. Priscilla and Heather spend weeks planning and gathering items deemed suitable for the given Show theme. This is a large undertaking each year, as it is in addition to their other responsibilities as Galley Director, Assistant Gallery Director and Gallery Treasurer.

I have visited most groups and spoken to them about our need to find a replacement Treasurer and a Providore. As yet, nobody has come forward, and I must ask the coordinators to push this agenda at their various group meetings. The onus is on members to step forward, after all it is your Arts and Crafts Group, and it is essential to have these positions filled. Update: Good news on the Treasurer and Providore Position, but we still need an Assistant Treasurer and a person to take photos for our social media profiles. Remember many hands make light work. So think about stepping forward and helping out.
~ Peter Leary

Gallery Report:Sales were steady during May and the cooler weather meant more sales of knitted garments and we hope this continues as we have a large stock. We do ask knitters to please add the type of fibre used and washing instructions. Most items have this information but there are still a few that do not and customers usually want to know.
Our window won the best window dressing competition in the Maleny Show for the second year in a row which was good news. Our thanks go to Carolyna who lent us a beautiful saddle to use as part of the decoration. Please be aware that Lorraine will be away in July and Heather is away from mid July to mid August, so if you have any queries regarding the roster please contact Priscilla.
~ Priscilla & Heather

Porcelain Group Report:Our little group is growing and we enjoy very happy, social and productive Wednesday afternoons. Some newer members are learning new techniques with surprising results. We are still making plans to have the two ladies who visited us last year to return. The plans for a new porcelain kiln are underway. Come along to just have a chat with us on Wednesday afternoons. Better still, join the fun.
~ Kati

Fine Art and Life Drawing Group Report:Our group would like to thank Colleen for all her hard work and dedication for obtaining the grant money to buy our new display panels. The panels had their first outing at the Maleny Agricultural Show and proved to be a wonderful acquisition. They should be prove very useful to MACG over the upcoming years. We would also like to thank both Lynn and Jenny for all their hard work leading up to and over the Show weekend. Without dedicated members who put themselves out for us, our group would be so much poorer. Our Artist of the Month is Jennifer, please take time to enjoy Jennifer's wonderful art display.
~ Megan

Quilters Group Report:Thank you to the members who assisted with the demonstrations and sales at the Workshop for the Maleny Agricultural Show. Also congratulations to the winners with the Quilting and Embroidery sections of the Show. Good weather ensured a big success for everyone. Many quilters have come together to take part in a Friendship Block Event. Blocks have been made with many more to come. The result will be at least thirty quilts which may be completed by the end of the year, with many new skills learnt along the way. Thank you to Don for his help during the Ag Show.
~ Celia

Clay Workers Report: At the recent Maleny Show, Clay Workers were barely represented in the competition section. This is a great shame, as there is some superb and original work done by members, and the show offers an opportunity for visitors to see the quality and variety of our pieces. So let’s make sure there are lots of beautiful entries next year.
And a bit of housekeeping:
- Anyone sanding clay pieces should be doing this outside as clay particles remain suspended in the air. Wearing a mask at the same time is recommended.
- Clay purchases must be entered in the Clay Book near the kiln, with your name, purchase date, type of clay and the total cost. If neither Jan nor Jeanette is available to take the money, payments can be made using the envelopes provided in the cupboard. Please mark the envelope with your name, date, clay type and cost to make processing easier. Deposit the completed envelope in the box provided, also in the cupboard. Do NOT tick the ‘PAID’ column in the book.
Our thoughts continue to be with Martina, and our hopes that she will leave this difficult time behind her soon. Martina, do let us know how you are faring, and when you feel up to visitors.

~ June

Creative Glass Group Report: The Creative Glass Group has grown in the last few months welcoming several new members. Our next orientation and introduction to the Glass Group will now be next year. It is now time for members to relax, take a big breath and for some to travel after a busy time with both the Fair and the Maleny Show. Congratulations to those who won prizes at the Maleny Show. A special congratulations to Colleen for winning first prize in 3 of the sections in glass and Lindy for a first in the draped section. Congratulations to Kevin for winning the encouragement award for glass at the show. Until next time on behalf of the Glass Group,
~ Phillippa

Publicity Officers Report: Our social media presence is growing steadily. So please email in any stories and photos of what members in your group are doing.
Instagram: @malenyartsandcraftsgroup

Grants Officer Report: The application for funds in Round 90 of the Community Benefit Fund only yielded $15,000 of the nearly $35,000 that was applied for back in November 2016. And as the maximum awarded per year is $35,000 and we have had almost $50,000 within the last twelve months I think we have done very well. I have had no say in where these funds are to be spent but the management team decided to spend it on painting the roof, buying art frames and spending the remainder on tools. When these are acquitted I can reapply for further funding but would like to limit it to $20,000. That will keep it within the yearly $35,000 and will be hopefully on the condition that some of the funds are spent in the kitchen or whatever will benefit the most members.
~ Colleen