Newsletter: April 2018

APRIL 2018 VOL. 3

Autumn Edition Newsletter

President's Report:
By Anita
It has barely been a month since the new MACG Management Committee was elected. As usual, all new committee members have been busy learning about their roles and responsibilities. We are fortunate that so many of our committee members choose to stay on in their position as this makes it easier for all to work together to the benefit of MACG.
The Autumn Fair is rapidly approaching and the next Fair Committee meeting will be next Monday afternoon. The Wood Expo is held at the same time, and our Woodcrafters, as usual, will be in the Workshop for its duration. We all look forward to seeing the new and exciting items that will be offered for sale. Please assist where possible as it lightens the load for those who are heavily involved with the administration and rosters.
The Gallery will be open as usual.
Changes have taken place in two of the storerooms at the workshop, in that we have installed some cupboards and shelving. In addition there will be new cupboards and shelving installed in the storeroom at the Gallery. These changes are due to the funding we received in the latest grant that Colleen successfully applied for, on behalf of MACG. Colleen has been working tirelessly organizing the purchasing of a number of items.
Overseeing the installation of new cupboards and shelving, and painting walls in all the storerooms. We also have to thank Heather, in particular, and Cilla who assisted in dismantling and disposing of the old shelving in the workshop. Also Ray, who along with Heather, disposed of these remains. Further, a number of the Woodcrafters spent last Friday assembling the new cupboards for the Gallery storeroom.
Peter will be representing us at the Maleny Anzac Day Parade. He will place the two books, selected from the list offered by the Maleny State High School, onto the cenotaph from where they will be collected and given to the High School.
The Maleny Agricultural Show is held shortly after the MACG Autumn Fair. The show schedule has been available for months and it is worthwhile entering an item, or items. The MACG workshop is open during the two days of the Agricultural Show. We normally have a few members demonstrating their particular craft and will have a table of items that some members offer for sale to the public. This year we will return to having a small raffle as the money we receive for this helps to defray the cost that MACG incurs. We will be asking the various MACG groups to donate a small item for this raffle.

Gallery Director's Report:
By Pricillia
First of all this month I would like to welcome Jo as our new gallery treasurer and wish Heather all the best in her new position as Group Treasurer.
March was another 'not so good' month as far as sales were concerned. The results emphasises the fact that we do need to have the gallery open as much as we possibly can to get every sale. I would also like to remind all volunteers that if you can't fulfil your shift commitment the first thing to do is to try and find your own replacement by doing a swap with another rostered person. If this does not work then call or text me, but preferably not 48 hrs or less before your shift unless the reason is sickness.
On Easter weekend most of the cupboards were removed from the back room at the galley so that we could see what needed doing to the walls and floor before the new cupboards are installed. Many thanks to Ray Ellemor who came in on Easter Monday to give us a hand with the more difficult things. Since then Colleen has painted the walls and been instrumental in arranging for the most important socket, for the jug, to be moved to a new position. Many thanks also to Heather who filled her ute more than once with rotten timber etc., and took it home to burn. Until the room is finished you will be unable to leave goods in the back room to be checked but if you have things give me a call and I will come in the same day and do it if I can.
Some of the new cupboards have been installed already and the rest will be soon. Thank you to all volunteers who have been patient whilst this work is going on. Everything will be back in working order soon and so much better than it was before thanks to Colleen and her skills in getting grant money.
Happy crafting

Fine Artists Group Report:
By Megan
Last month one of our members Karen gave an insightful talk on 'Perspective'. The following week some of the group spent the day in Landsborough sketching and taking photos using the techniques Karen suggested in her talk. Our group is busy getting ready for the May Fair.

Our Artist of the Month is Megan, please take time to enjoy her work.

Porcelain Group Report:
By Moya
On behalf of all our members we sincerely wish to thank Kati for her wonderful support and guidance over the last few years as our Convener. I am now taking over the role so hope to continue on encouraging the ladies to enjoy painting and the satisfaction it brings. Our little group is busy getting ready for the Fair and hope to have a nice display and many sales.
We have enjoyed attending a class at Wamuran with teacher, Jean Harris, who has given us some wonderful tips and inspiration to try new techniques. We hope to attend again in coming weeks.
We wish to sincerely thank Colleen for her hard work in obtaining the grant which has given us a great functional area for our kiln.
We are happy to welcome more members to our happy, relaxed group.

Woodcrafters Group Report:
By Ray
Well March into April has been a busy month. The Barung Wood Show is now only 4 weeks away. The Gallery is receiving a new storage system in the back room. (Compliments of the latest successful grant organized by Colleen.)
So all of the clutter has been removed the mouse holes closed off and the woodies have assembled the new cupboards at the Showgrounds ready to be transported and installed.
Woodies meet Friday mornings 9am to Noon.

Embroidery Group Report:
By Sara
MACG Embroidery Group are planning to visit the Embroiderers Guild Qld for their 50th year celebration. On display will be member’s work, antique and heirloom embroideries and a sales table.
It is also planned to go to a fabulous embroidery supply shop called All Threads.
Depart Landsborough station 7.23am train on Tuesday 19 June.
Book with Sara.
The group will also meet on the 5th Monday of the month due to missing many days because of public holidays.
These will be 30 April, 30 July, 29 October.
Regular meeting days are 1st & 3rd Monday of the month at 1pm.
Call in and see some stunning handwork.

Quilters Group Report:
I am very happy to announce that four of our Quilting members are showing their quilts at "Quilt Connect" for the 3rd - 5th May. They are:- Sue Sinclair, Kay Philp, Elaine Atkinson and Dianna Bryce. We wish them the best of luck with beautiful quilts for this special event.
Raffle tickets have been sorted and handed out to all members for the May Fair by the Quilting Group. Thank you to all involved. I have been away recently and would like to thank Doreen for stepping up for me in my absence.
Lastly Thank You to Celia for your guidance in my new position.

Spinners & Weavers Group Report:
By Robyn
We have been working on projects to sell at the Fair. I will be putting together a roster for members to demonstrate our spinning and weaving during the Fair. This time at the Fair we will have our display screens on the floor instead of the stage.
We are still to decide on our annual workshop theme, so far - macrame, woven cane baskets, felted hats - we just need to find someone to run a workshop for us.

Clay Workers Group Report:
By June
Janna Pameijer gave an extremely informative and enjoyable session on hand building techniques on 22 March. She demonstrated the use of internal bracing for larger clay sculptures, and performed amazing bits of magic building, transforming a clay head. She sliced it, restored it, changed its expression while explaining the relationship of facial features to each other. It was a most informative morning for clay workers of all skills and experience. Thankyou, Janna.
Six of our members will be attending the Clay Gulgong – a biennial conference held in Northern NSW. It runs from 15 – 21 April, and is a celebration of clay, featuring demonstrations, lectures, discussions and a chance to meet fellow clay workers from Australia and overseas.
The group is busy making items for the May Show and the kilns are running hot. Some lovely work is emerging from this increasingly talented group.

Sewing Group Report:
By Beverley
The Sewing Ladies have been very busy with quite number of aprons made for sale for the May Fair and the balance to go to the Gallery. The sale of these mostly helps to offset the cost of our Charity Sewing. Some of the ladies have completed Beverley's crazy patch zippered craft / bath bag. It has been very interesting to see the variety of bags resulting from the one pattern.
Our next project, thanks to Margaret G , will be a small 2 zip pocket shoulder bag.
Our thanks must go to Colleen for our new tailor-made shelving in the storeroom. Made to fit our fabric boxes, and a shelf to hold our sewing machines at the correct height will just make our Sewing days so much easier and safer... Thank you Colleen for getting and overseeing this grant, and thank you also for the painting the walls behind... looks so good xxx
Happy Sewing

Important information for all members. A gentle reminder that all members benefit from the fair so I am asking for your contribution even if you are not marketing. I am sure there is a way for you to assist -
DATES: Set up: Wednesday 2nd May 8.00 am (tables, screens, plinths etc)
Set up: Thursday 3rd May 8.00 am – Members set their merchandise – this requires you to do the following
a) Book your table/s with either Bev 54942138 ; 0419175169 or Claire 0409401221 or email macgatmaleny@ gmail .com You are welcome to book 2 tables but the second one will be confirmed depending on space. Any specific requests will be considered such as against the wall – again determined by space available
b) Complete and sign your consignment form to handed in. Copies have been emailed to you or hard copies are available in the gallery. Complete all your labelling before you come. Labelling requirements are the same as the gallery.

Friday, Saturday, Sunday 4,5,6th May 9.00am – 4.00pm – Sales, Monday 6th May 9.00am – 2pm – Sales Raffle drawn at 1.00pm. There will be no unpacking prior to 2.00pm
YOUR HELP - a) Rosters for every day plus the kitchen. These rosters are currently in the workshop and will be moved to the gallery on the 16th April.
b) The theme being used is “HAND MADE”. A roster will be created for members who would be will to demonstrate the many and varied skill that members have. The fair is an opportunity to promote these skills. I am looking for members to knit, weave, knit, crochet, paint, draw, embroider, quilt, bead etc. Please let me know or your interest group co-ordinator if you could be involved for a couple of hours.
c) Sell and buy the raffle tickets. Money and butts need to be returned Ann Harber or your interest group co-ordinator
d) Make slices, cakes etc for sale. Please do not cut them up as portion control is important
I will email all members the poster advertising the fair. It would be appreciated if you could use your social media contacts such as facebook to market the fair
Reminder to all co-ordinators that the next is Monday 16th 1.00pm at the workshop

Open to MACG Members
On the Tuesday 22nd May for Pouring Medium Workshop.
Chroma have agreed to supply the paints and mediums. Karen King will be conducting this workshop with Chroma's newest Medium.
There is no cost to them, but they will need to bring a few things with them. Notes will be e-mailed to each member participating to avoid a cost for printing.
email Karen for conformation