Artist of the Month: June 2018

Artist of the Month - May 2018
Jean McRuvie
This last year has seen the beginning of my more serious journey in art which I hope will see me improve and decide who I am as an artist. I have been working full time plus since we arried in Australia in 1980 and whilst I always had an interest in art that interest like may others, cam second to children, spouse and career. 

I did go to a botanical art class for 6 evenings in 2008 at Buderim but never picked up a pencil once the 6 weeks was over although I have a sketch book of half finished drawings. Again I treated myself to a five day beginners watercolour course with Jame Fernley the watercolourist a few years later which was marvellous - but yet again I never picked up a paintbrush once that week was over and for this reason could not go to his intermediate classes because I had not practiced!

My next foray into the art world was a 6 week (one day a week) course with Marcel Desbien at Brisbane Painting Class in Level One oil painting with the usual result that I really enjoyed the experience but did not paint again. I always allowed work and family to be my priority so art was relegated onto the back burner. 

Water Lillies (Mixed media on canvas)

When I retired from full time work in 2016, I decided that I could not keep making excuses to practice some kind of art which I always enjoyed doing, so I started by attending the Level Two oil workshops with Marcel but this time I made a pledge that I would actually start to paint and draw more seriously. 
That determination brought me to classes with Karen King and an introduction to MACG Fine Arts Group. 
Over this last 18 months I decided to try different mediums to see what suited me and what kind of art I wanted to produce. I have played with watercolour, acrylic, pastel, drawing, use of a spray gun and watercolour painting birds and animals and flowing medium abstracts. 
Throughout this process I have learnt some valuable lessons - I am a slow painter still with a tendency to put art after the other things I have to do - I am not keen on pastel because it is so messy - I love working on the details and I prefer oil to acrylic. 
The paintings I have in the workshop for June are an eclectic mixture of work I have produced over the years. I hope you enjoy them and recognise that I am not yet an artist but just an amateur on a journey!

Hamish (Acrylic on canvas)