Newsletter: May 2017

MACG Newsletter - May 2017

President's Report: In many ways this month was different. I attended the monthly Maleny Showground Users Committee Meeting. It was suggested that the fence to be located along the top of the wall of our retaining drain, could be constructed of white reflective posts, placed at strategic intervals along this wall. This is, perhaps, a less expensive option and would meet our requirements.
The Maleny District Sports and Recreation Club Awards Evening was well attended. The Maleny Arts and Crafts Group (MACG) was represented by Anita Turner, Claire Blowes and myself. Anita was nominated for an award in relation to her outstanding contribution to MACG, in particular, as President over the last three years. This is in addition to her involvement in related activities, such as writing grants to obtain funding for various items for MACG Anita received the Volunteer of the Year Award for 2016, for her contribution to MACG and other community activities. I am sure that MACG’S standing in the community has been raised higher.
Congratulations to Kerry Nieper who won the Viewers Choice Award at the Quilt Connect Show run by the Queensland Quilters Guild. Kerry also won second prize for the Viewers Choice Award at the recent Quota Quilt Show.
Congratulations also to Sandra Faber who won the MACG Quilt Raffle and Sue Reid who won the Quota Quilt Raffle.
The Maleny Arts and Crafts Group is celebrating it’s 40th birthday this year. It was 40 years ago that Elizabeth McDonald chaired the first meeting in her home and gathered, over the following months and years, an ever enlarging group of people, who were, or possibly could be, interested in various arts and/or crafts. From these humble beginnings our organisation has grown, and now has, thanks to the hard work of many dedicated members over the years, our own equipped workshop, capable of providing for thirteen diverse groups, and a commercial establishment in the centre of Maleny. Approximately 120 people attended a celebration that was held in the Maleny Community Centre, on the Thursday night prior to the opening day of the Autumn Fair. Our Emcee for the evening was Jim Atkinson. Our local State Member of Parliament, Andrew Powell, gave a celebratory speech and was followed by Beverley Heading who gave an interesting speech about the history of MACG. Beverley Heading, Lorraine Bevege and Pam Doyle, three of our Life Members were present and cut the birthday cake. Unfortunately Alvina Arthurs, Nancy Marshall, Jeanette Duncombe were unable to attend. All those present enjoyed the evening and, in particular, the food and drink which was provided. Many thanks must go to Judy Tilley, Beverley Heading, Jenny Mortimer and Colleen Atkin for orgainising this event. 
The Autumn Fair was a huge success due to Robyn and her dedicated team of volunteers. A big thank you to all the volunteers, who arrive early on Wednesday morning to set up the tables, and to those few weary members who always stay behind, after the rush of members who collect their unsold items, to dismantle the tables and other equipment essential to the smooth running of our Fairs, and who then proceed to clean up the Community Centre. We must not forget the Cash and Wrap teams, the Kitchen teams and the Raffle Ticket sellers. Thanks also to the members who provided the handcrafted items for sale. A big thanks to Sue Reid and her helpers for work daily throughout the entire Fair entering data and handling the finances. Their work does not finish at the conclusion of the Fair, but continues for many days after, while finalising the results. Many thanks also Tom Turner who will have the job of collating all that data and providing the printouts for the Treasurer. On a more sobering note the amount of people who volunteer must increase. As we all grow older, younger members need to step up to fill these positions, the dedicated and faithful volunteers must not be taken for granted as eventually, if more members do not assist, you could end up with no fairs. This would mean membership fees would have to increase, possibly double. This year, in my role as president, I will be visiting each group and having a talk with them. 
The Wood Expo was another event which was successful. The clear blue skies drew vast crowds in, and the woodcrafters were kept very busy, as were the ladies who helped out. Congratulations to all for a job well done. 
Our next event is the Agricultural show. I am still requiring a coordinator to organise the setting up of the Group section of the workshop. ~ Peter 

Gallery Report: April was a steady month and we had very good sales in the gallery on the weekend of the fair. Thank you to the volunteers who filled in during the month including the weekend of the fair when we had 'no shows' at the gallery. If you see your name on the roster and you are going to be away for that shift please find someone to fill in for you. It can be difficult for us finding replacements at a minutes notice. We have discovered a couple of Christmas items that need to be removed, they are in the back room along with a few summer items. Please take all of these home for now. Some contributors seem to be spreading themselves beyond their allocated space. You will know who you are so please either make less stock or keep some at home until there is space. There needs to be room for everyone. Winter stock can definitely be brought in now. Please leave your items in the back room and we will display it. Thank you. ~ Priscilla & Heather

Porcelain Group Report: Our little group is growing and we enjoy very happy, social and productive Wednesday afternoons. Some newer members are learning new techniques with surprising results. We are still making plans to have the two ladies who visited us last year to return. Also in the pipeline is our request for a new porcelain kiln in the foreseeable future. Come along to just have a chat with us on Wednesday afternoons. Better still, join the fun. Kati

Fine Art and Life Drawing Group Report: What a wonderful Fair we had. Our group sold some paintings, so thank you all who participated. Our next art show is at the Maleny Agricultural Show on 2nd and 3rd of June. The year seems to be flying past at a rapid rate, with some workshops and outings also being considered. This month our Artist is Anna Casey, so please take time to admire Anna's work. ~ Megan

Quilters Group Report: Many of the Quilting Group have been busy with preparation for the May Fair, but there was time for some to enter a Quilt Show Competition in Brisbane recently. Viewers Choice was won by Kerry Nieper at the Quilt Connect Show held at Mt. Gravatt. Congratulations! Thank you to all the Quilters that worked at the Recent Fair. Your contribution as well as the work by all the other members was appreciated. So much time and effort goes into these Fairs to ensure the future of Maleny Art and Craft Group. The Convenor, Robyn Woodroofe, did a marvellous job – thank you! Celia

Spinners & Weavers Group Report: Thank you to all the girls who gave of their time to demonstrate at our Fair. I hope you enjoyed the time spent doing what we all enjoy — I know I did. There has been some discussion about another workshop. Please put your thinking hats on and come to next Friday with some options for consideration. Eliza’s saying: “Wool has as much memory as love does” ~ Robyn

Wood Crafters Group Report: Another very successful Wood Expo is over. Our sales on Saturday morning were outstanding, with many thanks to Claire and Joseph for not wilting under the pressure. After that the show settled down to a respectable pace. Our new line of Stockyards sold out quickly. The continuous demonstrations of turning and scroll saw were popular, as was the glass workers display. We also sold Caroline’s slices again. Thanks to all our members who helped make it such a great weekend with a special thank you to Kevin, our new raffle ticket seller extraordinaire. Also to Howard, our “Pied Piper” of kids, Colleen for her delicious scones and muffins, and Peter for looking after the cash. We still have a Blanket Box for sale if any member would like to purchase it for the very reasonable price of $600. Woodies meet Friday mornings 9am to Noon. ~ Ray & Howard 

Some photo's from the Woodies display at the Wood Expo


Clay Workers Report: The Raku firing last month was a great success with some beautiful results, especially from the naked raku and feather embellishment. It was a chance to try expand our knowledge of clay decorating. Most exhibitors at the recent May Fair were pleased with their sales, and are now thinking of new and challenging things to achieve in time for the next fair, for gifts, or garden ornamentation. Dierdre will be exhibiting some of her work at the upcoming ‘Gardening on the Edge’ at the Old School House on Stanley River Road. Well worth a visit to see her very special sculptures. Lorraine is opening her garden for the first time for public enjoyment at the same event. A remainder to clay workers that the 80th Maleny Agricultural Show is on Friday 2nd and Saturday 3rd June and they can enter pieces for sale, competition, or both. The group gets funding each year towards a workshop. Last year’s one with Jackie Gasson on glazing was most valuable, with some basic information and techniques, and a useful handout. It's time to start thinking of ideas for the next workshop, as it can take some time to arrange. Bring your ideas for discussion at morning tea. Some Housekeeping – please make sure you collect any fully fired items as they are taking up shelf space, and take your clay home with you after every session. Warm welcome to new members Helen and Gail. Input of new ideas and interests enlarge the skills of the group. And Martina, we are all thinking of you, and sending positive thoughts. We look forward to you filling once more the empty space you have left. ~ June

Sewing Group Report: We are having a busy month putting together our squares for our Friendship Quilt... all with a house either embroidered, pieced or patchwork. One of our Sewing Group ladies will be very happy to win this quilt at our Christmas lunch later in the year. For the month of June we will do an embroidered pin cushion. Kits will be supplied for this but names to Beverley for this one please. And for July it will be a Christmas project. Thanks to all who helped out at our May Fair… I have had so many positive comments. Happy Sewing ~ Beverley

Publicity Officers Report: Our likes and follows have continued to grow daily. Don’t forget to like/follow both our Facebook and Instagram pages. The blog is also being updated on a regular basis, so check that out as well. Please send though photos of what your group is doing along with a short description to so that I can continue to promote the awesome work that MACG is doing. If your group is doing anything special, don’t forget to send that through as well.
Instagram: @malenyartsandcraftsgroup
~ Juliana

Maleny District Sport and Recreation Club Awards Night 
Congratulations Anita - Enjoy the accolade! 
April the 22nd, was the MDS&RC award night. The night celebrates the achievements of Maleny Clubs and their volunteers. Anita Turner, the past president and currently the vice president was awarded the Club Volunteer for 2016. Anita's contribution to MACG in the past 12 months has been considerable. Her greatest attribute in the past year has been to lead and maintain a cohesive management committee as well as being an active participant in MACG's many activities. As a leader, Anita has been able to listen and encourage the active participation of members, but still make considered decisions when required. As last year was her final year as President (constitution requirements) she leaves a dynamic, financially sound Group with a viable vision for the future.  

MACG 40th Birthday Celebrations 
A big thank you to all those past and current members and friends of MACG who attended the birthday party on Thursday 27th April at the Community Centre. A special thanks to my collaborators Bev, Colleen and Jenny (who unfortunately was called away and was unable to attend) for their hard work in the planning, organisation and execution of the party. Thanks, too, to those who worked in the kitchen to keep the food coming to feed the hungry hordes – it was a big job!! And we must not forget to thank Jim who was the Emcee for the evening and our ever obliging local Member of Parliament Andrew Powell who spoke of MACG and it’s beginnings. Robyn and her team had prepared a wonderful Fair as a backdrop and displayed the best work that MACG members can do to impress visitors. The profile of MACG was raised with good press coverage and I think those who attended enjoyed themselves. We are planning to have a display at the Maleny Agricultural Show in our Workshop of some of Elizabeth McDonald’s paintings, the story of our early days with photos and videos of our activities for the general public and members who were unable to attend the party. MACG enters its 40's in a strong position and we hope that it will continue to grow and thrive for many more years. 
HAPPY 40TH MACG !!!!!!

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